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Release of “The Acoustic Vacuum”

While we’re still working on “20 Days”, it’s all ready to release “The Acoustic Vacuum”! Besides the Piano and Voice version of “Portrait”, which you already know, the short EP contains acoustic versions of three songs from “Vacuum”.

If you would like to help us spread our music, you can get it for a Tweet or a post on Facebook from here! Otherwise if you just want to have a listen, there’s our SoundCloud!

2012. The acoustic Vacuum

01. From the desert… (Acoustic)
02. The deepest green (Acoustic)
03. My infected soul (Acoustic)
04. Portrait (Piano and voice)

All music and lyrics by Atomixynergy

Mixed and mastered by Davide Saggioro at Wise Studio.

Self-published, 7 July 2012.

Don’t hesitate to download it for free here!

The Acoustic Vacuum

“The Acoustic Vacuum”, 4 songs from “Vacuum” recorded in an acoustic version.


Just a couple of songs from our first album “Vacuum”… enjoy!

2009. Vacuum

01. From the desert…
02. Ethereal
03. The deepest green
04. Grieving
05. My infected soul
06. Portrait
07. Speak louder
08. And then he killed
09. Void and the Moon
10. …to dust

All music and lyrics by Atomixynergy

Recorded, mixed and mastered at ‘Studio A’ by Edoardo Nicodemo and Demetrio Scopelliti.


Portrait (Acoustic version)

2007. To Reflect Human Patterns

01. Happiness like a mask
02. Proiezioni astrali
03. Universe without a fence
04. Eyes too blind

All music and lyrics by Atomixynergy.

Drums recorded at Studio Master by Diego Campi.
All other instruments were recorded by Atomixynergy.

Published by High Voltage Records.


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